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Achieve Optimal Growth with Best Version Of Telehealth Support Services

If you are looking for video conferencing support, remote patient monitoring support or any other kind of telehealth communication, Logic telehealth solutions take care of your healthcare support needs.
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Seamless Adoption To Meet Your Telehealth Support Needs

Is Your Healthcare Practice Intertwined with Challenges?

Our Telehealth Support Program (TSP) is designed to remove all technical and non technical barriers from your healthcare. From emotional support to hi-tech support we connect healthcare providers and patients. You are in the queue of healthcare practice that faces these challenges:

No Security Measures

Your telehealth support system isn't connected with security protocols and standards. We have a secure support system that uses encrypted, password protected platforms.

Accessibility Issues

Patients often grapple and have trouble with using necessary technology. But once you get collaborated with our team, all these issues will be gone.

Not Having a Right Tools

Your tele health services are affected by lack of support tools. We have got you covered with the right tools and strategies to boom.

Slow Response Time

No one likes slow or bad responses, is this element snatching your clients? Logic BPO have pleasant contact center to provide excellent experience to you as well as your patients.

Backlog of Tickets

Sometimes you get overflow with patients, that leads to unattended patients. We simply keep up with patient call flow and support requests.

Limited Team Bandwidth

You don't have enough staff that tackles all patients smoothly, we will equip you with experienced staff that will cater all clients needs professionally.

Improve Your Healthcare Practice Topline Revenue Up to 20% With Appropriate Telehealth Support System

We provide healthcare practices with right telehealth support technological infrastructure to optimize and automate “provider-patient” interaction. We streamline all support operations with multichannel interactions and derive engagement for all types of healthcare practice that need telehealth support.
Our robust support ecosystem incorporates best practices and strategies in managing provider-patients relationships. Nearly 57% of customers are in favor of excellent support services as their primary preference. We integrate right telehealth support + right features = revenue gain, retention, acquisition and growth. Here’s what we do in favor of your healthcare practice.

Smarter Ticket Management

Manage Large Volumes + Optimized Workflow = Patients Satisfaction.

Improved efficiency 

Interactive Tools + Experienced Support Staff =Improves Productivity.

Live Monitoring and Reporting 

Live monitoring + Inbound & Outbound Calls= Insight into Outcomes.

Ready to transform your telehealth support strategy and increase your practice revenue? Get started today.

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Logic BPO

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Way Our Team Communicates to Fix All Issues

Leaders in Telehealth Support Creating Tech Savvy Outcomes

Investing in CX is a priority of healthcare practices. Wisely invest in it, because it plays an important role in your practice growth. If you invest in Logic BPO , our commitment to excellence will empower both healthcare providers and patients alike. Trust us to be your trusted partner in telehealth support.

Logic BPO Approach 

We have proactive and reactive approaches for telehealth support. 

Support Provided 

Both technical and non-technical support is provided.

Interaction Type

Transactional and transformational focused on turning every patient into your clients.

Key Focus Area

Customer satisfaction, problem resolution and maintenance.

Objective and Outcomes

Earning customer trust and generating a long term revenue stream.

Choose Success, Choose us.

We are your main pillar for thriving in the healthcare industry. Our telehealth  support services core functionality is always responsible for driving more patients for your healthcare practice. We have an experienced and effective team  to anticipate patients’ needs.  No Need to think more, just click and start.

See How Logic Telehealth Support Team Works For You.

Communicate, don't just inform

Collaborate, don't just corporate

Use Tools to approach challenges

Don't Let Bad Telehealth Support Leave You Hanging

Because number speaks itself….

Switch to Competitors 

73% of patients switch to competitors due to bad CX.

Customization in Support Services

76% of patients expect customization in telehealth support services.

Quality Support Services

82% of patients say quality support service is important.

Our Telehealth Support Box for Healthcare Practices

Objective and Outcomes

Video and Image Capturing Software

Video Conferencing

Bug Reporting

Task Management

Time Tracking Tools

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