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From startups to enterprise companies, logic award-winning strategies transform brands into success. Partnering with our expert teams will help companies maximize profitability and reduce operational costs 

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Business Functions You Can Outsource

Back Office Support

Recruitment and Customer support, data entry and processing, order management, administrative support, backlog management, virtual assistant, accounting, and technical assistance.

Contact Center

Technical support, call center, help desk support, talent acquisition, customer billing/ AR/ procurement, telemarketing, marketing, human resources, etc.

Marketing & Sales

Dedicated specialists, web development, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, content development, reputation management, and conversion optimization.

Automation & Ai

Machine learning services, Predictive analytics services, factor-based analysis, big data analytics, AI application development, AI consulting services, etc.

Accounting & Finance

Tax accounting, bookkeeping, payroll processing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial data analytics, management accounting, etc. is included in our professional accounting services.

IT & Development

Design & Development, database administration, cloud migration, cloud application development, cyber security services, and quality assurance services.

save up to 75% labor costs

Reach your target goals with the Logic. We are outsourcing company that understands your needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing with us

Logic services benefits go far beyond cost-cutting, with over a decade of onshore and offshore outsourcing experience. By leveraging global talent pools to produce measurable results, we add value to your brand and position you for success.

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Lower Your Costs

Logic Services allows you to complete the task at a much lower cost and in a more efficient manner. You convert fixed labor costs into variable costs when you outsource with Logic, which means you only pay for the services you use. This gives you staffing flexibility that in-house employees don't have. You can tailor your service consumption to meet your specific needs by outsourcing. 

Pay As You Go

You only pay for what you use, and you can quickly scale your consumption as your business grows or shrinks.

You can outsource non-essential functions to more specialized sources. Transferring those functions to Logic professionals can boost productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. You can increase efficiency within your core business model by focusing on hiring, training, facilities, and other resources. Rather than budgeting an in-house department to do the same thing, outsourcing allows you to focus your budget on specific reports and invoices requested.

Doing everything by yourself reduces the organization's efficiency because so many things need to be attended to. However, outsourcing with Logic streamlines your functions; it becomes easier because we share some of the burdens. That allows for the rapid transformation of ideas into concepts to maintain the delivery of products, ideas, and concepts into a competitive market.

Every business investment entails some level of risk. Markets, competition, financial conditions, government regulations, and technological advancements evolve rapidly. Outsourcing business functions to Logic manages this risk for you, and they are generally much better at deciding how to avoid it in their fields.


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Appreciating Logic Breakthrough Results & Achievements

Many people across the globe provide outsourcing services. However, our outsourced team is passionate, fulfills commitments by giving their best, and manages tough tasks efficiently.
Cynthia Assini
CEO, Sinjen Corp
Our offshore team intelligently works and has taken our businesses from unsuccessful to prosperous. We are glad to see our vision turning into reality. We are happy with Logic Outsourcing.
Julia Clarke
Principal, Mockrell School
Logic provided trained and highly qualified professional staff who managed tough tasks expertly. Our outsourced team is an asset to our company. They ensured that our business was in good hands.
Jacob Adams
CMO, Kenlid Enterprise

Your Vision Gets Real Through Us

Logic ensures your business is in good hands as we are the best partner outsourcing squad. With over 800 employees, Logic has the experience and resources to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions.

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