Medical Transcription Services that Save You Time and Money

Your healthcare practice needs a combination of trained human touch and the latest technology to expedite the eligibility verification process. Logic BPO speeds up the verification and has covered approximately—2,500,000 verifications within 22+ years of its track record.

Certified Workforce for Improved Report Quality & Patient Satisfaction

Medical transcription solutions must be compliant to ensure data safety and avoid non-compliance penalties. Our professional transcriptionists understand medical field requirements such as attention to detail and accuracy and do an exceptional job at transcribing your medical recordings.

At Logic BPO we offer effective and clear translation and transcription services for global communications and it shows in the quality of our medical transcription services. Our services are just a click away so contact us today and experience successful outcomes tomorrow.

Medical Transcription Services from Certified Transcriptionists, Proofreaders, and Customer Support Specialists

Compliance and Data Security

Your medical transcriptionist is supposed to catch any errors in the recording. We break the recording into sections and slow it down to catch the errors. Our trained professionals ensure 100% security of the data according to HIPAA rules and it is accessed by authorized persons only. We make it safe against threats and maintain the quality and speed of our services while implementing non-disclosure agreements.

HL7 Integrated Interface

Integrated software simplifies complex systems as well as fastens the transcription process. An HL7 integrated software allows easy and error-free transfer and exchange of medical information. At Logic BPO HL7 integrated software provides the necessary structure to ease communication, and the complete cycle of collecting, interpreting, and exchanging data.

Trained Human Touch

One of the most error-free transcription methods is through a trained specialist who is well-equipped to provide multi-specialty services. Our trained experts are skilled enough to identify errors made by the software and correct them. A trained human touch is essential to maintain the high-quality standard and accuracy of the transcription services.

Fast and Accurate Medical Transcriptions

Your transcription outsourcing services need to be accurate yet expedited to ensure enhanced customer experience. At Logic BPO we make sure the stored data is accurate as even the tiniest of errors can result in drastic financial challenges in the healthcare industry. Our turnaround time is the highest as we start working on your project immediately while assigning dedicated transcriptionists to your projects.

Customized Workflow

At Logic BPO we understand the specific needs of your healthcare and provide customizable services and support. We have a swift process to align with your organization’s requirements as well as your specialty. Flexible transcription services reduce costs and minimize disruptions for high-volume data.

Get 100% Compliant Medical Transcription on Time

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Other Healthcare BPO Solutions

Get In Touch and Remove Friction from Your Data Transcription Process

Avail ensured safety, security, and privacy over your healthcare data and unlock the huge potential of accurately transcripted data at an affordable price.

Advantages of Outsourcing to Logic BPO

Our healthcare transcription and medical dictation service is built to reduce your administrative burden while you focus on delivering care. Our multi-specialty medical transcribing service maintains compliance and enhances the quality of experience of our clients.

Partner with A Team Entirely Dedicated to Your Success and Experience Short Turnaround Time

With decades of experience, our expert transcriptionists deliver the utmost precision which explains the quality of our services, professional human touch, and innovative technology. Contact us today to outsource a best-in-class medical transcription company.