Medical Record Indexing

Reduce Denial Claim Rate Up to 30% with Logic Medical Record Indexing

We teamed up with healthcare practice to skyrocketed 3x more in tackling tedious tasks of indexing medical documents.
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Why Logic for Medical Record Indexing Services?


Premium Quality

We ensure filing and indexing  accuracy, with EHR accessibility for documents.



We ensure cloud store services to ensure compliance & privacy at every touchpoint.


Expert Team

Our team understands complexities of data and helps you to index the record as per requirement.


Covers All Information

We cover all information whether its physicians orders or patients bills.

Which One Is a Good Option for Your Healthcare Practice?

Inhouse medical record indexing

Outsource Medical Record Indexing

Logic Case of Medical Record Indexing Services

We provide you with complete suite of record indexing services shape it as per your healthcare practice requirement

Document Coding and Indexing

Data Entry and Management

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Services

Document Scanning and Digitization

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Audit and Analysis

Record Tracking and Reporting

Patient Demographics Sheet

Get Super-Accurate Medical Record Indexing

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We Efficiently Manage your Records with Our Trusted Indexing Solutions

Our expert team is dedicated to providing you accurate and reliable indexing solutions to ensure quick accessibility. Let us help you to focus on the most important and allow us to make all processes smooth. Our Document Management Solutions (DMS) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) integrated to impact cost and time.
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Look How We Categorize Documents to Make Ease for Healthcare Professionals

We categorize documents that help healthcare providers to quickly locate records, any document and any other information that you need.

Medical Records 

It includes a complete list of patients' medical records including treatment history, demographics, progress notes and many others.

Pathology Specimens

Specimens are indexed according to DOS, location from where specimens were collected  and specimen number.


Our radiographs indexes include all X-ray, MRI, ultrasounds and CT scans. This index mostly includes DOS, type of radiograph and location.

Want to Take Control of your Records with 99% Accuracy and Expertise?

How We Work for Healthcare Practices?

Accuracy, Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness All in One

Medical record services contribute to efficient data management and improved patient care.

Error Free Indexing

Provide hassle free records when patients or healthcare providers need it for any purpose.

Faster Communication

Medical Record indexing facilitates seamless communication and data exchange among healthcare providers.

Efficient Auditing

Simplify the auditing process to maintain and manage medical record smoothly and spot the red flags in the system.

Improve Data Accuracy

Medical record indexing helps you to eliminate errors and mistakes associated with manual record management.

Compliance With Standards

Maintain strict confidentiality and protect sensitive PHI by complying with HIPAA.

Disaster Recovery

Medical records are safe against any natural disaster or system failure, no worries to loss important patient data.

Better Handling and Retrieval

Medical record indexes serve as lookup tables through which you can easily store data for quick retrieval.

Implement Digitization

Implement updated tech like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and convert into digital formats.

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Don't Let Medical Record Indexing Overwhelm Your Healthcare Practice

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