Medical Back Office BPO

Take the Back Office Off Your Back and Start Growing Your Healthcare Facility

Medical billing, coding, credentialing, and other back-office tasks take your valuable time and resources. Our back-office BPO healthcare services take the burden off your staff, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your patients.

Supercharge Your Healthcare Facility with Logic BPO's Healthcare Back Office Support

Logic BPO is your trusted partner in streamlining healthcare back-office operations. With over a decade of experience, we empower physicians to focus on their core duties. We go above and beyond basic healthcare BPO services, offering comprehensive solutions built on strong data security and strict regulatory compliance. Our team of certified professionals manages your administrative tasks, from medical billing and coding to end-to-end revenue cycle management. The best part? We customize our services to fit your practice’s unique needs with advanced tech and years of experience. Outsourcing your back office to Logic BPO will help you get increased revenue, improved efficiency, and more time to deliver exceptional patient care.

Your Streamlined Back Office is Our Ultimate Goal

Logic BPO’s healthcare back office BPO team understands the medical landscape. That’s why we help you secure patient data and deploy the best resources to finish your non-care tasks, ultimately increasing your revenue.

Patient Data Security

We safeguard your sensitive patient data, complying with HIPAA and other healthcare laws and regulations. Our team stays current on all regulatory updates, ensuring your practice remains compliant and avoids any legal infractions.

Healthcare BPO Expertise

Our team of certified healthcare professionals understand complex medical coding systems (ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS). We follow the best RCM practices to ensure maximized reimbursements and smooth practice workflows.

Increased Practice Revenue

Logic BPO efficiently finishes all the time-consuming administrative tasks like medical billing, coding, insurance verification, A/R management, and more. And this gives you more time for care and thus increased practice revenue.

Focus on Science, Not Paperwork. 

Partner with LogicBPO and reclaim control of your healthcare practice.
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Healthcare Back-Office Support Services for Physicians

While offering the most comprehensive healthcare back office BPO services, we ensure accuracy and efficiency to expedite reimbursement and minimize overhead burdens.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Optimize your cash flow with expert claim scrubbing, denial management, and eligibility verification. Our experienced RCM team ensures accurate coding and timely claim submissions, maximizing reimbursements.

Accurate Medical Coding and Billing

Leverage the expertise of our AAPC-certified medical coders who translate diagnoses and procedures into the most precise, up-to-date codes. Our billing specialists review and submit claims electronically, minimizing errors.

Detailed Medical Transcription

Our medical transcriptionists expertly convert voice recordings into detailed, error-free reports, helping you get flexible turnaround time and allowing you to focus on patients without sacrificing documentation accuracy.

Faster Claims Processing

Say goodbye to the complexities of claim tracking & denial management. Our team proactively tracks claim status, identifies potential issues, and interacts directly with insurance companies to expedite reimbursements.

Proactive Denial Management

We analyze denials, identify root causes, or missing documentation. Our team then implements corrective action plans, including targeted resubmissions & appeals processes, to ensure you receive the rightful reimbursements.

Efficient Medical Appointment

Boost patient satisfaction by outsourcing efficient medical appointment scheduling based on patient preferences and provider availability. We use advanced appointment tools to minimize wait times & improve patient experience.

Virtual Medical Scribes

Improve medical documentation efficiency and free up physician time with our virtual medical scribes. These skilled professionals remotely capture patient data and medical histories during visits, allowing for real-time charting.

Pre-Charting Services

Streamline patient intake with our comprehensive and accurate pre-charting services. We gather and record patient demographics and medical histories in advance, minimizing administrative tasks during appointments.
Who We Serve

We Offer Our Healthcare Back-Office BPO Services to Diverse Healthcare Providers

LogicBPO provides healthcare back-office BPO solutions to healthcare providers and the relevant companies.

Why Outsource Your Healthcare Back Office Operations to Logic BPO

LogicBPO empowers healthcare providers to achieve greater efficiency and profitability through our comprehensive suite of back-office solutions.

Experience the Login BPO Difference

“LogicBPO has been a game-changer for our practice in California. Their team’s healthcare back-office expertise has resulted in a 98% claims accuracy rate, leading to fewer denials and 20% increase in our monthly collections.”

Chloe Elizabeth

Family Practice Physician

“Their team manages everything from appointment scheduling to insurance verification. We’ve experienced a 31% reduction in administrative burden and a commendable significant improvement in patient satisfaction.”

John Anderson

US-based Practice Manager

“LogicBPO’s scalable solutions help us adjust our back-office support based on our patient volume. We’ve seen a 53% reduction in our back-office expenses since partnering with them.”

Gabriel Noah

CEO of a Multi-Specialty Practice

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