Transform Your Healthcare Business with Logic Medical Answering Services

Capture Every Healthcare Business Opportunity & Keep Your Patients Happy

Enhance your business by 20% increasing leads and 10% reducing cost, logic soluitons are your go to choice for your patients.
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Logic Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Message Delivery

You have to opt from our message delivery system, we have vast options for you.

Automated Scheduling

We have automated scheduling for your phone calls or any other query resolution.

Data Security and Compliance

It guarantees your data safe with us, we act as guard for e-PHI by staying HIPAA compliant.

Scalable Solutions

Our solutions are customized whether you are small or large practice, we are on your side.

Advanced Technology

Our optimized and advanced tech ensures a rapid query resolution, fostering a satisfactory environment.

Continuous Improvement

We refine our services to meet your demands and align with your healthcare business needs.

Make A Great Impression with Great Medical Answering Services (MAS)

Why do you need healthcare answering services?
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of callers will terminate the call if not answered properly, which can be avoided by reliable medical answering services.
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of customers are willing to pay more for a good patient experience.
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more revenue with a medical business that delivers excellent patient experiences. So What are you waiting for? 

We are Leading in Providing Healthcare Tech Support

We Eliminate MAS Errors to Grow your Healthcare Practice

Many healthcare providers complain that their answering services aren’t following their instructions. As a result messages aren’t reaching the right providers, on call providers are bothered by non urgent messages. With Logic MAS, your practices say goodbye to all these minor issues. Our advanced features +technology = highly customized solutions. We build customized workflows that work in an appropriate manner.  

Competitive Pricing

We have 5x lower prices than other service providers, save big with us.

Highly Professional Staff

Our staff are highly skilled, manage your healthcare practice schedule efficiently and reduce no shows.

Integration with Existing Systems

Logic solutions are easily blended with your previous setup, by ensuring smooth operations.

Personalized Medical Answering Delivered

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Other Healthcare BPO Solutions
With Our Proven Medical Answering Services

Excellence at Every Step of the Way to Take Your Healthcare Practice Next Level

Appointment Reminder

Reduced no shows by sending automated reminders to both healthcare providers and patients for smooth workflow.


Medical Software Integration

We integrate our healthcare answering services with EHR software to improve accuracy of our messages and automatically synchronize data.


Multi conferencing

We can make a conference call, make communication between people as needed.


Real Time Status Update

You have to let us know whether you are in a meeting, office or at home, real time status will be updated automatically.


Quality Assurance

We continuously review calls for quality assurance by maintaining our high quality standards.


Inbound and outbound calls

We handle both inbound and outbound calls, managing all troubles with a single point of contact (SPOC).


Dedicated Account Managers

We have dedicated account managers for your healthcare practice with open communication ensuring every single query is answered promptly.


Multi Channel Support

We are here to support you on all fronts, your patients can find support from anywhere, whether it's chat, call, email or any other platform.


Unlock Unbeatable Benefits with Logic Medical Answering Services

We are not satisfied until you are, experience the difference with out services.


Cost Efficiency

Always prefer smart investment , by outsourcing our cost effective strategies you will save big on operational costs and focus on the core of your healthcare practice.


Drive Innovation

With Logic tech solutions  you  will lead the healthcare competitive industry and make a new standard.


Unmatched Expertise

Our expertise is tailored to meet the customized needs of  both startup healthcare practice and well settled large healthcare practice.

Hear How Your Queries and Call Could be Answered.

Can You Feel About Outsourcing Medical Answering Services? So, Why not Logic BPO

Reduced Staff Workload

Medical practices will enjoy stress free environment with 0 workload

All Time Available

We are available around the clock ensuring satisfaction of healthcare practices.

Manage Overflow calls

Our experts will manage all calls smoothly without affecting operational efficiency.

Reduce Wait Times

We reduce wait times and provide care to patients that they need.

Enhance Efficiency

By outsourcing logic MAS your healthcare practice easily focuses and performs all tasks.

Increase Revenue

We are focused on patient satisfaction that leads to more referrals & boost your revenue.

Supercharge and Accelerate Your Healthcare Practice Leads

Logic BPO healthcare answering services never sleep and are always available to acheive your business goals with ease.

We are Just More Than Medical Answering Services

Why Physicians and Staff Love it?

Protects healthcare providers personal time and privacy.
MAS decreases hold time for physicians.
Always prepare for any emergency situation.
Outsourcing MAS provides irrefutable records when needed.
Customize alert notifications for physicians and staff. 

Why Practice Managers Love it?

Keep away administrative workload from healthcare practices.
Send relevant data and information to the concerned department.
Keep track of all chats by data reporting and management.
Maintain a proper schedule by getting appointments from patients.
Update your call routing to the right person.

Logic BPO Have Vast Options For your Healthcare Practice

We don’t have one size fit medical answering services because every healthcare practice has different needs according to their patient flow. Choose the best  combo that really works for your healthcare practice.

After-Hour Services

We cater you after your medical practice hours, ensuring all calls are managed appropriately.

Off Days Availability

Our staff will serve you 365 days all around the year whether it's weekend or holiday.

Daily Working Hours

Logic BPO works with you according to your medical practice working hours and handles bulk of calls.

Contact the Round-the-Clock Receptionist for Your Healthcare Practice

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