Media BPO & Communication

Logic BPO assists media companies in lowering costs, increasing efficiencies, and innovating. Our results-driven strategy ensures that media bpo and entertainment outsourcing is a success. We take pride in providing the finest quality communication and media BPO services.

A Cutting Edge BPO Media Solution

Logic provides a cutting-edge BPO solution for media businesses that helps clients save operating costs, accelerate digital transformation, and decrease risk. We have years of expertise giving high-performing teams and modern technology to deliver contact center and back-office BPO solution for media firms.

Our data-driven, open-platform models and agile services are scalable and designed to drive growth across your business. We strengthen crucial back-office functions while lowering operating costs to ensure success in the competitive media network industry.

Core Competencies

Working with Logic BPO will provide you assistance in a variety of areas of the media and communication industry. We work with broadcast and advertising firms, game and entertainment studios, advertising, compliance and security, network services, content development for Print Media, Websites and Mobile Applications, Video Editing, Graphics and Animation, media audits reporting, and a lot more.

Compliance and Security

Data security is a significant responsibility for media companies that handle large volumes of sensitive personal data. It's more necessary than ever to strengthen your customer service for media organizations by adhering to the most stringent international security requirements. Logic understands the importance of data security and Compliance to fulfil the required demands.

Boost Efficiency

To compete in today's market, you must provide your customers with what they are looking for. Our approach is to attract, engage, and delight them as it is the key to retaining customers and growing your business. We have domain experts, experienced strategists, field tested approach and advanced technology to streamline workflows and boost efficiency to add real long term value to your media BPO business.

Content Development

Logic offers content development for print media, websites, and mobile applications at a lower cost and can manage large volumes of work to accomplish the high need for well-written, engaging content that is search engine optimized for websites and apps. Outsourcing content development services include copywriting, editing, press releases, brochures, and other marketing content.

Our data-driven, open-platform models and agile services are scalable and designed to drive growth across your business.

Activate New Paths for Growth in a Disrupted Industry

Outsourcing savings are being re-invested by forward-thinking media companies to support digital transformation. Our expert automation and intelligence teams at Logic BPO can transform back-office bpo media companies. It streamlines repetitive processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), provides secure self-service options with voice biometrics, and eliminates spam or inappropriate content with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

For media firms, automation can help them enhance production, improve efficiencies, and eliminate human error, allowing them to reallocate resources to higher-value customer care.

Why Choose Us?

Increased Manpower

Having a professional manpower allows you to quickly scale your business goals, whether you're looking to hire more people or save costs. The availability of people will always be there to assist the business's growth whenever required. Our professional experts help you achieve the desired goals with increased manpower.

Logic’s ability to respond to market demands is ensured by having a worldwide workforce. Unlike in-house hiring/training, internal operations, and higher financial drain, Logic already has clear time management standards, functions independently from overall internal business operations, and reaches targets at a fraction of the cost.

As the company grows, there will be occasions when a specific service or activity is only required for a short period. The benefit of outsourcing with Logic is that brand owners can hire resources and services just when needed.

A company may use more than one sort of communication channel at any given time. Logic BPO makes it simple to combine and distribute various communication software and resources based on the company's goals.

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