Insurance Eligibility Verification

Take Control of Your Insurance Eligibility Verification Challenges with Logic BPO

Your healthcare practice needs a combination of trained human touch and the latest technology to expedite the eligibility verification process. Logic BPO speeds up the verification and has covered approximately—2,500,000 verifications within 22+ years of its track record.

Top 3 Insurance Eligibility Verification Challenges That Are Impacting Your Revenue Cycle

The cash inflow of your healthcare organization is directly impacted by the eligibility verification of your patients. If patients are not eligible for the services rendered, you might not be able to recover what you owe and face delays and denials which further prolongs your cash collection process. 

For the financial stability of your practice, health insurance eligibility verification holds a key place in the billing process. Here’s how an impeded eligibility verification impacts your revenue cycle.

Complex Insurance Policies and Procedures

Healthcare organizations need to stay current with the insurance policy requirements to get successful and timely eligibility verifications. At Logic BPO we have a zero-tolerance policy against non-compliance issues that lead to monetary challenges and financial penalties for healthcare organizations.

Denied Eligibility Verification Issues

According to a survey, approximately 5% of claims are denied due to eligibility verification issues and the average cost of claims denied is $25 per claim. There are multiple reasons for denied eligibility verification and one of the top reasons is incorrect patient data information.

Enhanced Administrative Burden

Insurance eligibility takes up more time and effort of your clinical staff than it should. It keeps your staff occupied with administrative burdens and away from working on core tasks such as providing quality care.

Frequently Changing Insurance Coverage Policies Leave You Clueless and Your Practice Growthless

Insurance policies keep changing and updating. Therefore, continue to threaten healthcare provider’s submission and collection processes. This is why your practice must stay updated with the ever-changing coverage regulations. Our dedicated specialists deliver;

Get Super-Accurate Insurance Eligibility Verification

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Get Reimbursed Faster by Insurance Companies and Avoid Denials

Save up to 65% of costs by outsourcing the administrative duty of eligibility verification while delivering exceptional care and maintaining a steady revenue stream for your practice.

Get Paid 3X Faster While Increasing up to 20-25% Revenue with Logic BPO Eligibility Verification Services

Expert managers at Logic BPO not only identify and manage, instead we optimize to establish streamlined solutions. We audit operational processes and detect deficiencies or areas that need improvement to accelerate your cash flow.

All We Need is 30 Minutes of Your Time!

Once you contact our team we reach out and show you how to reduce claim delays and denials within 30 minutes. All of this while submitting accurate medical insurance eligibility verification documents for obtaining faster eligibility and benefits.

Quick Turnaround Time

  • Our expert professionals ensure expedited reimbursements 
  • Delays in verification hamper the overall claim reimbursement process.
  • We provide faster verification services which ensure timely reimbursements,

Affordable Pricing

  • Due to reduced errors, there are fewer denials, and hence, reduced costs
  • At Logic BPO we provide the best quality services at highly cost-effective rates
  • Our clients can save huge on overhead costs

Reduced Errors

  • Enhanced Claims Resolution
  • Relieve your staff of the administrative work
  • Reduced claim denial and rejection issues

Your Success. Our Commitment.

Improved Revenue Cycle Management

Eligibility verification being the key component in medical billing directly affects your revenue cycle management and we pursue it with ultimate attention to detail. Updated patient data and 100% compliance with regulatory policies enable us to deliver faster verification and hence maintain a constant cash flow.

Dedicated Team Members

We dedicate experts to follow-through accounts who manage them with exceptional care and attention, leaving no loopholes. Moreover, our specialist billers and coders have worked with multiple healthcare organizations across the U.S. and have delivered exceptional results.

Accurate and Faster Medical Insurance Eligibility Verification

With experienced professionals, certified specialists, and trained experts we provide accurate and faster eligibility verification and prior authorization services to our healthcare clients. The submissions are error-free and follow-ups are thorough.

Robust Infrastructure

One of the key elements of faster and more accurate eligibility verification services is the robust infrastructure that enables providers to deliver top-notch patient experiences. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure has the latest technology that helps you deliver reliable services.

Get Reimbursed Faster With Super Accurate Insurance Verification

Save up to 65% of costs by outsourcing the administrative duty of eligibility verification while delivering exceptional care and maintaining a steady revenue stream for your practice.

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