We offer comprehensive solutions in the insurance back office outsourcing domain that fulfill all insurance offshoring requirements and back-office support. We’ve redefined insurance process outsourcing with advanced operations, outstanding people, and advanced technology.

Trustworthy Insurance BPO Services

We work to improve decision-making, revenue growth, and profitability by focusing on business process improvement, quality customer interaction, and harnessing analytical insights. Our embedded insurance BPO and insurance technology consulting solutions help you to improve your business with deep subject matter expertise and tactics that increase process efficiency.

Core Competencies

Our Insurance BPO services handle entire back-office operations. With superior services and software, we can manage it faster, accurately, and at a cheaper cost. You can confidently outsource insurance claims processing to Logic.

Access to Professionals

Logic insurance consulting professional services help businesses to get access to better knowledge and expertise. Our professionals are trained in the particular niches with in-depth information regarding what you want them to do. The diverse talent will help you learn new things for doing business, and you will stay competitive in the business world at large.

Quality Improvement

Outsourcing help businesses improve quality and reliability of services that enable greater focus on core business, and allow accessing the pools of talents and skills, freeing up your internal staff for other roles of the business, increases the control of your business, streamlines your business operations, and gives you access to professional skill.

Technology Capabilities

Logic provides access to more skills and resources with professional staff and technological capabilities and meet your business needs. Our technological capabilities in outsourcing delivers quality and make your business efficient as compared to the quality delivered by the existing business and the costs of delivery are reduced.

What We Cover

We manage your Insurance bpo service requirements so you can focus on key responsibilities. We have a worldwide resource pool of experts who provide clients with a variety of industry-specific insurance BPO services. Our commitment to innovation and broad range of capabilities make us an appealing business Partner.

We collaborate with clients to design and implement the complex business and operational changes needed for high performance.

Industry Experienced Professionals

Our end-to-end insurance back office outsourcing services assist insurance firms in meeting their customers’ expectations while maintaining profitability. We don’t just manage insurance operations; we collaborate with clients to enhance speed, accuracy, and efficiency by refining procedures, interactions, and decision-making. We deliver tailored and scalable insurance BPO services specific to the insurance business as one of the leading insurance bpo outsourcing firms.

We have a worldwide talent pool of specialists who provide clients with various horizontal and industry-specific insurance BPO services. Our commitment to innovation and the broad range of capabilities make us a valuable business partner.

Why Choose Us?

If you're going to outsource, you'll only have to deal with one Insurance BPO. We facilitate our clients with effective and approachable solutions by providing:

  • Quality monitoring and control
  • Access to the latest technology
  • Lower cost ahead 
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Expert management staff

We have expertise in delivering the most timely and accurate results in the insurance industry, and we can do it your way. We can also keep your project on track because our workers are multi-skilled.

Logic Support services go beyond administrative tasks. We have experience in process engineering as well as programming and other technical expertise that helps us enhance our clients’ success.


Logic has an experienced HR team that honed our recruiting process to recruit employees that fulfill our clients’ needs, maximize operational success, and minimize employee turnover.

Expertise to Grow Your Business

We assist Insurance clients with the most excellent BPO services and insurance document management promptly using our in-depth vertical experience, methodologies, frameworks, and immaculate execution capabilities.

Traditional insurance operations are transformed into a future-ready condition by our integrated digital platforms and the agile system powered by advanced analytics, robotic process automation, intelligent automation, and block chain.

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