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Don’t let social media marketing services push back your healthcare practice. Say NO to [generic posts + confusing algorithm = Social media Blunders]. Say YES to [“Logic BPO”+ More online Visibility= Attract Patients]. We are here to implement powerful healthcare strategies to put your medical expertise in the spotlight.
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Why Healthcare Practices Cannot Afford to Ignore Social Media Marketing?

No longer is simply offering excellent care enough; building a robust “ONLINE PRESENCE “is paramount for attracting new patients, fostering trust, and managing your medical practice’s reputation.
With over “4.6 billion ”active social media users globally, it’s a boundless avenue to connect with potential patients beyond the restrictions of your physical location.  Logic BPO helps healthcare practice effortlessly reaching thousands within your targeted demographic.

Stats Show Why You Need to “Start Now”

Numbers Speak For Themselves

  • 41% of healthcare consumers use social media when choosing a healthcare provider. (Source: Levo Health)
  • 72% of healthcare marketers report increased patient engagement due to social media platforms. (Souce: eMarketer)
  • Healthcare practices with active social media profiles see a 30% boost in appointment bookings. (Source: Social Sprout)

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Streamline Healthcare Practice Social Media Management with Logic BPO

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Tailor-made Social Media Marketing Services for Healthcare Practices

By tailoring Logic BPO “social media services” for specific needs and regulations of healthcare practices, you can create a valuable package that empowers medical professionals to influence the power of social media for patient engagement, instructions, and community building

Healthcare Platform Management

We are more focused on platforms relevant to healthcare (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest) that are vitals. Being a “HIPAA expert”, we understand and adhere to patient privacy regulations when handling healthcare content.

Influencer Marketing in Healthcare

Partner with us for patient advocates that ensure to align with your practice's “VALUES” and “EXPERTISE”. Clearly outline ethical considerations for marketing your services  and avoid deceptive health claims.

Content Creation for Healthcare

We always Prioritize “QUALITY” and “ACCURACY”. Partner with us for content creation or fact-check all information accurately. We utilize diverse formats for creating infographics, explainer videos, and engaging visuals alongside informative text content.

Community Management for Healthcare

Build a supportive online community to foster patient-to-patient and (provider-to-patient) interactions through moderated groups and forums. Also, promote positive “PATIENT EXPERIENCES” by showcasing success stories and testimonials to build “TRUST” and encourage “ENGAGEMENT”.

Platform Audits and Consultation

Analyze strengths, weaknesses, and audience engagement for targeted improvement strategies. “WE’’ help healthcare practices to establish protocols for safe and ethical “ONLINE COMMUNICATION”. We have trained staff for effective social media use within healthcare guidelines.

From Vision to ROI, Logic BPO Transforms Your Healthcare Brand Online

Ready to settle your online presence? Get a FREE healthcare all-in-one social media strategy from Logic BPO!

Your Social Media Management from Organic Posts to Targeted ads

By adopting our powerful social media management platform for your healthcare practices, you can: “GROW” your online presence, Increase efficiency, maximize ROI and keep your audience captivated. “WE” have:
Centralized Control for Diverse Platforms
  • Streamlined Content Calendar: Schedule organic posts and paid ads in advance, ensuring consistent brand messaging across platforms.
  • Unified Dashboard: Manage all your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels from a single, intuitive interface.
  • Real-time Collaboration: Facilitate seamless teamwork among marketing teams, from content creation to scheduling and analytics.
  • Advanced Scheduling Features: Utilize post-specific publishing times, recurring schedules, and automated hashtag suggestions for optimal social media reach.
  • Content Generation: Our expert staff automatically generate high-quality social media posts based on your brand voice and marketing goals.
  • Engaging Content : Discover and share relevant industry news, articles, and visual content to keep your audience engaged.
  • Complete Analytics: Track key performance indicators (KPIs) across all channels, including reach, engagement, and conversions.
  • Granular Reporting: Take intuition into individual social media accounts and campaign performance for actionable insights.
  • Competitive Analysis: Gain valuable intelligence by monitoring your competitors’ social media strategies and identifying potential opportunities.
  • Precise Audience Targeting: Define your ideal patient through interests, and online behavior to ensure ads reach the most relevant individuals.
  • Compelling Ad Formats: Craft visually impactful banners, engaging videos, and interactive stories that meet with patient concerns and needs.
  • Dynamic Optimization: Utilize various algorithms to continuously adapt your campaigns, refine targeting, and maximize ad performance for optimal ROI.

Social Media Strategy + Patient Needs= MORE ROI

Healthcare Social Media Marketing Process Focus on (Patients+Growth)

Patient Needs

Discovery & Analysis

  • Assess your existing presence
  • Understand patient needs
  • Analyze competitor strategies

Customized Strategy

  • Develop a tailored plan
  • Aligned with goals
  • Target audience

Content Creation & Management

  • High-quality visuals
  • Informative text
  • Interactive content

Optimization & Reporting

  • Monitor campaign performance
  • Make data-driven adjustments
  • Provide regular progress reports

Social Media Outcomes

We CHOOSE Right Social Media Platform(s) for Healthcare Marketing

Choosing the right social media platform(s) for your healthcare practice isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Logic BPO understands the delicate “NEEDS” of different healthcare niches and strategically selects the platforms that will deliver the most impact. We consider different factors like your target audience demographics, brand message, and campaign goals, ensuring alignment with each specialty’s strengths. For suppose a “DENTAL” healthcare  practice might boom on engaging visual content platforms like Instagram and YouTube, while a “CHIROPRACTOR” specialist could benefit from the professional networking on “LinkedIn”.








For Healthcare Professionals, We are Offering Our Social Media Expertise to Specialties Like:

Dental Healthcare Practice

Chiropractic Care

Plastice Surgery Practice

Dermatology Healthcare

Grow Your Practice Revenue Meeting Your Specialty Needs

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