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Is Your Medical Practice Struggling to Get More Conversions and Organic Traffic?

Partnering with your most passionate and loyal partner in Medical Marketing, Logic knows how important it is to get ranked on search engines result pages.

Grow Your Healthcare Facility in Record Time

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Is Your Medical Practice Struggling to Get More Conversions and Organic Traffic?

Partnering with your most passionate and loyal partner in Medical Marketing, Logic knows how important it is to get ranked in search engines.

Higher Rankings. Higher Traffic. Higher Profits

“The top organic search result receives an average of 19x more clicks than the top paid search result”

Most of your prospects are looking for top notch medical services, in fact most of them start their medical journey from “Dr. Google”. Your business just needs to rank in SERPs to catch their attention.

This is What We Do……. Here at Logic our seo specialists will analyze your business goals and workflow for crafting a solid seo strategy laying the foundation. We believe in nothing less than SERP rankings, this is why our experts passionately work using customized seo plans.

Our Medical SEO Services

Healthcare Website SEO

Attract more eyeballs through various web seo tactics that include Target audience research, Keyword research, competitor analysis, business objective, SERP analysis etc ensuring your website provides valuable information through Content.
Attract more leads through various local seo strategies that include local keyword research, GMB ( Google My Business ) optimization, authentic local citations etc ensuring that your website attracts local leads and creates brand awareness.
Identify your core issues through SEO audits in case you have an in-house seo team. Comprehensive audits will highlight SEO issues and how this can be improved by providing you some actionable recommendations.
We perform multiple content optimization techniques that includes: identifying search intent, optimizing images, relevant meta descriptions etc. With an aim of providing valuable content to healthcare audiences hence creating brand awareness.

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Are You Looking For Quality SEO that can Transform Your Medical Practice Future?

Importance of SEO

82.8% of patients will use search engines to find healthcare practitioners in 2023.

Importance of Website

Around 70% of patients will search for new providers.

Importance of Reputation Management

Around 56% of patients will look for more than 3 or more different online sources

Importance of Local SEO

Since 2015 “Near me” searches related to healthcare services have doubled.

Leverage Logic’s 360 SEO Services

Cost-Effective SEO Solutions

Here at Logic your least worry would be pocket because these all perks services come at very appropriate and customized price plans which gives you more options to choose from plus there are no hidden charges too.

Access to Healthcare SEO Experts

Logic is occupied with experienced and professional medical marketing experts whether it is optimizing your medical brand urls, doing your medical website audit or solid healthcare keywords. Therefore, having a medical expert could be a plus point for you.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Logic not only focuses on gaining traffic only but we need these high valued prospects to convert and increase your profits. Using different tactics like signing up for a newsletter or providing some sort of contact form.

Link Building Strategies

Our SEO experts are equipped with a list of high authority relevant websites that give our partners an extra edge over competitors because this data can be used to create a full proof linking strategy.

SEO Analytics and Reporting

Having a proper understanding of analytics and reporting can help in making better future decisions, which is why our experts will keep a keen eye for the first  90 days checking whether the strategies are working or need some modifications.

Creating the Path of Organic Success

We follow a step by step plan to execute our strategy, this involves TOFU (Top of the Funnel), MOFU (Middle of the Funnel) and BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel). Upon analyzing your practice objectives and goals, we craft a seo strategy that will follow the path or funnel given here.

Take your Online Success to the Next Level.

Logic SEO experts take time in understanding your medical practice structure, doing target audience research, keyword research, campaign optimization, content optimization techniques etc.

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Logic’s Action Plan

Data is King

As famously said “Data is the New Oil”, this same rule applies here in medical digital marketing too. Before launching your medical brand we make sure that we have made strong calculations about the strategy. With the help of data we can craft much stronger and better strategies and then analyze them for max 90 days.

Straight to Action

Our experts, after understanding your medical practice goals and flow, will straight away jump into action doing some serious seo research. This way of work helps us to understand the flow much faster and fill any loopholes so that we could reach the SERP as fast as possible. Focusing on conversions ratio and valuable content.

Evolves with Your Practice

We develop customized websites that resonate with your patients ensuring that each and every graphic plus content provides value. Even though your goals or objectives get modified, the site wouldn’t cause any disruptions while aligning with your new business goals. A well designed, functional & optimized website is what to expect from us.

70% Growth in 5 Months Only

We focus on customized solutions and upon analyzing your practice goals we craft a personalized strategy. Get your medical practice online and outrank your competitor attracting more visitors and leads.