Enhance Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management and Maximize Collections

Increase and expedite timely reimbursements for your healthcare practice by managing and optimizing your complete RCM operations like patient registration, insurance verification, coding, billing, and collections. We ensure to provide you with 100% compliant medical RCM solutions by staying abreast of the recent US healthcare regulations.

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Are You Facing Piled-Up Invoices and Decreased Cash Flow?

Healthcare organizations are facing twofold challenges along with multiple other headaches; stacked invoices and decreased cash flow. According to a survey approximately $576B in hospital bills have been unable to recover due to increased submission and collection complexities since the year 2000

At Logic BPO, our experts perform thorough audits to scan, follow, and manage billing from appointment scheduling to coverage, and final collections. All this information is collected from different clinical and administrative systems to keep track of the revenue cycle and cash inflow.

Here’s Why Your Practice is Experiencing Negative RCM Margins

We understand physicians are experiencing serious challenges because of decreased reimbursement rates and increased denials.
Revenue cycle management is at the heart of a healthcare organization’s plan to accelerate financial growth. Unfortunately, 25% of hospitals in the U.S. have experienced negative RCM margins.
Some of the top RCM medical billing challenges include;
As an outsourced part of your organization, we optimize your RCM to maintain financial stability while you provide quality patient care.

Grow Your Healthcare Facility in Record Time

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What we can help you with:

Access Data-based Insights for Profitable RCM Health Care Services

Our cloud-based solutions streamline workflows and get more accurate revenue estimates. Expert professionals at Logic BPO enable providers to manage the RCM process by using data-based insights.

We kickstart the processes using integrated automation to capture the data insights and optimize systems accordingly. These insights help your staff make informed decisions. An efficient revenue cycle management flowchart manages billing throughout a single healthcare process and generates revenue.

Improved Clinical and Administrative workflows

Our front and back-end RCM processes provide us with analytics and insights to see the patterns, understand the shortcomings, and reverse engineer the process to deliver profitable outcomes. 

At Logic BPO we use analytics to help us improve operational efficiency and identify the most productive collection opportunities.
Front-end RCM Solution

Digital Workforce At Logic BPO Uses Maximum RCM Resources for Organizational Efficiency

Professionals at Logic BPO utilize rich resources including expert people, streamlined processes, and the latest technology to help you optimize and make the most of your RCM billing.
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Why Choose Logic BPO for Medical Billing RCM?

Reduced Costs and Enhanced Scalability

Updated technology runs on automation yet requires a human touch and expert knowledge. The processes are automated to perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks that can reduce headcount while reducing costs.

People Expertise

Our rich resources complement the expertise of our specialists who make sure patients are provided with quality care while maintaining financial growth. Maximum revenue collection is only possible once your front and back-end RCM is streamlined.

Thorough Auditing and Reporting

Monthly reporting enables us to make informed decisions and enhance overall efficiency and productivity. Automated and integrated software performs regular audits and generates reports about regulatory compliance, claim status, and revenue of the month.

Integrated Latest Technology

Expert professionals at Logic BPO ensure their RCM billing services deliver end-to-end solutions with their integrated EHR and PMS software. We deploy the latest AI, NLP, and machine learning technology to optimize RCM operations.

Improved Accuracy & Compliance

Our experts leverage technology and resources to enhance coding, billing, and RCM accuracy. Coders and billers at Logic BPO are certified and trained by the American Association of Professional Coders and Certified Professional Biller Program and have expert knowledge to combat submission errors.

Successful Claims Management System

A proficient RCM process is streamlined enough to make data-driven decisions. One of the most prominent rules for successful claims management at Logic BPO is to not drag the claims and get them submitted within the first 24 hours.

Industry Leading Providers Delivering Enhanced Reimbursements

With Logic BPO you get prior access to authorization, eligibility verification, and credentialing. These are the basis of successful revenue cycle management and streamlined cash flow which ultimately supports growth and your practice scalability.