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Forge Credibility With Solid Digital Footprints and Realistically Positive Reviews With NO Heavy Lifting at All.

Our Major Healthcare Reputation Management Solutions

Healthcare Review Management

Claim & optimize your healthcare listings on all major platforms like Google, WebMD, Yelp, Facebook, and more. Remove or conceal negative reviews with our complete healthcare review management solutions.

Healthcare Email Marketing

Streamline appointments, win hearts of your patients, and take the patient experience to the whole new level with our laser-focused email marketing campaigns.

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of the patients

read reviews online before they select a doctor. And they trust them. 
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of the patients

who had shared negative feedback about a medical practice were not contacted to resolve their concern.
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of the patients

can go out-of-network to find a healthcare provider with a good reputation.

Why Manage Your Medical Online Reputation?

Negative Reviews Can Harm Your Reputation

80% of the consumers believe in online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Negative feedback can ruin your reputation in no time. That’s where we come in to help you monitor, conceal, and even remove negative reviews.

Help More Patients With Credible Healthcare Reputation

You're missing out on helping many more patients if you are not proactive about your online medical reputation. We can showcase your healthcare competence with positive reviews, rewarding surveys, personalized emails and more.

Understand Your Patients to Serve Them Better

A full-fledged system to engage with your patients is the best way to understand their issues and pain points. Once we help you do that effortlessly, you can serve them even better and increase the overall quality of healthcare.

Enjoy Opportunities for Improvement and Boost the Revenue

There is a goldmine of improvement opportunities only if you start listening to your patients. And you will open doors to a lot more revenue than you expect now if you genuinely sort out their concerns.

Stay Safe with HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Reputation Management

You are in good hands, because our medical reputation management services follow all the HIPAA privacy rules. We never disclose any protected healthcare information (PHI) of patients, and send out only the HIPAA compliant surveys and emails.

Attract Top Talent to Your Healthcare Organization

Our industry-grade hospital reputation management not only brings in patients but also the top talent to your organization. We will help you spread the word about your company culture and get the best professionals to work for you.

Build Trust & Attract More Patients to Your Practice

Logic helps you build, polish, and maintain online healthcare reputation in your area so you can help more patients and increase your revenue fast.

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Here's How We Protect Your Healthcare Reputation

Create, Claim, and Optimize Your Multi-Location Listings
31% of healthcare providers have no local listing at all. It’s quite challenging to manage your listings while you’re focused on patient care. We will create, claim, and improve all your listings on Google, Facebook, Yelp, WebMD, HealthGrades, and more.
Continuously Monitor Your Healthcare Online Reputation
Keep an eye on how your healthcare reputation is perceived on various platforms. We ensure you are in good standing everyday so that we can take action before it’s too late. We monitor your reputation via social mentions, Google Alerts, Trackur, and more.
Encourage Patients to Share Positive Feedback Online
Patients who received awesome medical help are willing to share positive words about it. You just need to be proactive in asking them amicably. We encourage them to share their genuine feedback on your behalf.
Respond to Positive & Negative Reviews for a Balanced Image
A mix of negative and positive feedback helps form a realistic and balanced image of your robust healthcare practices. We seamlessly respond to every kind of feedback to uplift your healthcare reputation like a pro.
Engage With Your Current and Future Patients Effortlessly
Engaging with your patients especially after a bad experience is the best way to immediately understand what went wrong. We use top-notch email marketing tools like Brevo, Klaviyo, and ActiveCampaign along with surveys to keep your patients happy.
Remove Fake and Negative Reviews From the Internet
You work hard to offer the best care possible to your patients, yet some will be unhappy for sure. And some people even go out to give fake reviews on your medical practice or diagnosis. We help remove or atleast conceal them with different techniques.
Improve Your Brand’s Visibility on Search Engines and Social Media
Reputation management in healthcare starts with ranking higher on search engines like Google or Bing and social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn for the relevant terms people are searching for to find your brand.
Strategize Your Moves to Elevate Your Healthcare Reputation
Based on the data and your patient sentiment collected via surveys, reviews, email marketing campaigns, and brand mentions, we strategically decide on the best next moves to up your medical reputation online.

We Have Done It Over and Over Again

“Logic BPO has been our great in-house team for solid healthcare reputation management. They have helped us build strong digital footprints, getting patients from different cities from across the US.”
-Dr. Kim Lee

One negative feedback does not reflect your years of medical excellence

Let us manage your online reputation so you take the best care of your patients.
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