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Inconsistent branding and generic visuals block your healthcare practice growth. Failing to make enhanced graphics for your patients can lead to “LOST REFERRALS” and “NO CONVERSIONS”. Logic BPO connects you with skilled and professional Graphic Designer.
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Delivering Graphic Solutions that Matters for your Healthcare Practice

At “Logic BPO”, we’re not just your designers; we’re healthcare-specific graphics experts and marketing strategists. Our team claims experienced professionals with deep healthcare industry knowledge, intimately familiar with the nuances of patient communication, branding challenges, and regulatory needs. That results in “IMPACTFUL” design “SOLUTIONS” that not only bode well with your patients but also contribute to your healthcare practice’s growth. Through a reliable partnership, we can efficiently address your challenges and drive positive outcomes.

My Website isn't getting more leads

We craft compelling designs that captivate attention, showcase your unique offerings, and guide visitors towards engagement. Our data-driven approach and strategies ensures targeted visuals that hits with your ideal patients, radically boosting lead generation.
Clear communication is key to unlock patient trust. We translate complex medical information into visually intuitive formats, from infographics to interactive presentations. Our healthcare-specific expertise ensures accurate and accessible communication, allowing patients to actively participate in care by making informed decisions.
Make a difference from competitors with a cohesive and memorable brand identity. We develop strategic visual elements, from logos to website visuals that reflect your healthcare practice’s unique values and mission. This consistent brand language of your healthcare practice fosters trust and recognition, make prominent in all competitors
Transform your website from “Scratch” to “Brand”. We design user-friendly interfaces with engaging visuals that keep visitors browsing. By prioritizing clarity and aesthetics, we create an appealing online experience that drives patient engagement and decreases bounce rates.
We occupied social media with eye-catching and simple content. Our stunning graphics, infographics, and video animations specifically tailored to your target audience i.e. patients on various platforms. This strategic visual approach attracts new patients, increases engagement, and amplifies your marketing reach.

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Captivating graphics are no longer an afterthought – they’re an authoritative tool for patient “Engagement” and healthcare practice “Growth”. Studies reveal that well-designed graphics drive patient engagement up to “3x”, fostering trust, understanding, and ultimately, loyalty. Logic BPO crafts graphics that simplify complex information that speak itself to your “PATIENTS”. 

Why Does Your Healthcare Practice Need a Strategic Graphic Designer?

From patient engagement to brand visibility, flocks of factors contribute to a practice’s success. Yet, one often overlooked element holds a huge part that is “Strategic Graphic DESIGN”. A study by the Journal of Medical Marketing found that patients are “78%” more likely to recall information presented with impactful visuals than with text alone. Patients always expect visually appealing marketing materials. Outsource Logic BPO that fulfills your unique needs, no matter what’s our ultimate goal. Appealing graphics lead to:

Healthcare Graphic Designing Services Offered by Logic BPO

Healthcare Graphic Design with a Smooth and Collaborative Process

We’ve streamlined the process into a seamless and effortless experience, ensuring your vision translates into impactful visuals with minimal stress.  A study by Journal of Medical Marketing, revealed that 83% of healthcare providers feel “Overwhelmed” by the “DESIGN PROCESS”. We understand this concern, & our meticulously crafted WORKFLOW is designed to alleviate it. Every step, from initial discovery to final execution, is “TRANSPARENT” and “COLLABORATIVE”, guided by our experienced healthcare design team. This commitment to a smooth and easy process ultimately allows you to focus on what matters most(patient care) – delivering exceptional healthcare to your patients.

Continuously Measure and Refine

We track the performance of your visuals and analyze patient feedback to ensure constant improvement.

Optimize Patient Experience

We design clear and infographics, informative brochures, pamphlets, & online resources that empower patients with knowledge about treatment options.

Extend Your Reach and Impact

We seamlessly integrate your new brand identity into your online presence. Whether it's a complete website, revamp or strategic design updates.

Reveal Your Visual Identity

Your brand guide ensures everyone involved, from your marketing team to your frontline staff, applies your brand identity with consistency.

Bring Your Brand to Reality

Our healthcare design team translates your vision into tangible elements by developing unique concepts for maximum impact.

Craft Your Patient-Centric Vision

We work closely with you to understand your practice's mission, values, and the unique patient experience you desire to create.

Years of experience serving practices and hospitals across the US, we have improved our deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the healthcare industry. Partner with Logic BPO and let impactful design to raise your healthcare practice, wherever you are in the USA.

Why Healthcare Practices Choose LOGIC BPO for “Stunning” and “Effective”  Graphics?

Impactful visuals are more than just aesthetics – they’re important tools for attracting patients, fostering trust, and ultimately boosting your practice’s revenue. A McKinsey & Company report highlights the link between strong brand identity and increased patient loyalty, ultimately translating to “REVENUE GROWTH” of up to 20% for healthcare organizations. That’s why healthcare practices trust Logic BPO for their graphic design needs. 

Forget your Healthcare Design Bottlenecks

Logic BPO empowers you with 2x faster project “COMPLETION” and 90%  healthcare providers “SATISFACTION”.
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What We Can Help You With:

Forget your Healthcare Design Bottlenecks

Logic BPO empowers you with 2x faster project “COMPLETION” and 90%  healthcare providers “SATISFACTION”.

Data-Driven Solutions for Healthcare ROI other than Design

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