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“48% of users say that website design is the most important factor in determining a business’s credibility.”

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Why is Design Essential in the Healthcare Industry?

“First Impression can make or break your business”, in the digital world your website is the asset that provides first impression. Why miss this golden chance? Logic designers carry out extensive UI/UX research determining what your users need and how to make it easier for them to navigate around your website.
“Consistent Medical brand presentation across all platforms increases revenue by up to 20%.
94%” of first impressions related to your site’s web design.”

Why your Practice need a Creative Expert

First Impression

In this era of digitalization, more and more patients are turning to the internet to choose the best suitable doctor. This is why around 80% of patients would consider a doctor who has a great online reputation. Your website is a strong online asset that creates first impressions and if that doesn’t go well then what will.

Upgrading Yourself

While many of the medical practices aren’t investing heavily on marketing and are still relying on that old fashion designs. Fortunately, you can take advantage of innovative and creative designs that can attract your prospects and can transform your medical practice resulting in increased brand reputation and leads.

Better User Experience

Main core of Design doesn’t revolve around creativity and innovation; instead “User Friendly or Experience” is our main aim. Logic has a team of UI/UX designers that conduct a deep research of the user's journey and how the design can improve user experience and encourage users to take action.

Why Should Medical Practices Prefer Logic?

Custom Designs

We study and understand your business to provide you a sketch of your medical website and upon approval we move ahead. This helps in crafting customized designs that align with your practice vision.

No Long-Term Contracts

We are not going to bound you in long and strict contracts instead we focus on project based contracts, this gives you more flexibility & ease of mind. Moreover, there will be no hidden charges.

Everlasting Impact

Reducing bounce rates & making it user friendly isn’t enough for us, our experts go beyond and work on making it impactful. Creating a user funnel that solves audience issues and encourages them to take action.

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA has a set of security rules for medical marketing, upon violations your practice could face a lot of issues. Fortunately, Logic is a HIPAA Compliant organization that facilitates medical practices according to HIPAA regulations.

Responsive Designs

Designs that Google recommends, we make sure that it has an improved usability, lower bounce rate & a mobile friendly experience. More and more people are using mobile devices which has increased the importance of responsive designs.

Experienced UI/UX Designers

Logic is known for Quality and we would never want to compromise on it, which is why our team includes UI/UX researchers that ensures that your practice website follows all the checks & doesn’t contradict with your practice goals.

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Our Healthcare Design Formula

Nothing Less Than Best Will Be Provided

Post Covid medical marketing dynamics have taken a new turn with ever increasing competition. Your practice needs nothing less than best. With logic you can not only cut through the noise thanks to our innovative and responsive design but can also increase traffic and conversions with 360 Logic marketing services.


Extensive Usability test is carried out analyzing user experience and functionality.


Different layouts of design will be merged to produce a design that is optimized for all devices.

User Journey Maps

This will be created to document user' journey which will help us to understand user perspective better.

Our Healthcare Design Process


Our first and foremost process is to craft a strategy that will contain practice objectives, purpose, timeline, brand guidelines etc. This helps in determining our long term goal and implementation of customized design solutions.


Now deep research will be done which will include typography and design identity, target audience, competitor analysis etc. This helps in executing a unique and solid design process that could beat the strong medical competition.

UI Prototyping

Now comes the prototyping that will include creating design mockups and running UX tests to gather feedback etc. This help in getting early feedback, running tests and implementing solutions fast helps us to stay ahead of the competition.


With the help of strong strategy and data, now is the time to implement. Our UI/UX designers using latest technologies like figma will design your medical practice website keeping seo in mind.


No doubt that analyzing bugs or errors before launching is beneficial because we don’t want the user's experience to get disrupted due to small bugs. This is why our testing team will conduct a thorough test to analyze the performance.


Congrats, your medical practice is ready to enter the digital world. After ensuring all the metrics are checked, we will launch your website and gathering user feedback would be crucial in this stage too.

Companies with Great Design Can Increase Revenue upto 32%

Logic is determined to provide top notch design for medical practices with an aim to transform the medical marketing field. Our office is filled with enthusiastic and experienced marketers that are willing to take challenges and assist medical practitioners to transform their digital journey.

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