Healthcare Call Center Services

Build Stronger Connections and Accelerate Growth

At Logic BPO we offer personalized inbound and outbound call center services to nurture patient-provider relationships. Our healthcare call center reps are trained professionals who deliver dedicated patient care coordination.

Here’s Why Healthcare Call Centers Are Losing Track of Their Bottom Line

The average annual operating cost of a healthcare call center is up to $13.9M which is making healthcare call centers lose track of their bottom line. Another challenge your call center might be facing is a lower patient satisfaction rate. Here’s why.

Lack of Personalized Customer Interaction

49% of patients are unsatisfied with their healthcare provider’s call center service because of challenging and unsatisfactory interactions with call agents.

High Call Volumes

Healthcare call centers deal with multiple tasks and all of this leads to a high volume of inbound and outbound call volumes that the clinical staff is unable to handle.

4.4 Minutes Average Hold/Wait Time

The frustration gets high with 4.4 min. average hold time while making patients feel abandoned hence they hang up without even talking to the agent.

Customer Satisfaction Rate
0 %
Increase in Service Performance
0 %
Reduced Call Burden
0 %
Flexible Pricing Options
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Outsource Your Non-clinical Roles While Enhancing Customer Experience

According to a recent survey, 59% of customers prefer service providers that are quick to respond to customer inquiries. At Logic BPO we have trained representatives that are not only responsive but maintain agility in providing relevant and personalized engagement.

Quicker online interaction with brands enhances overall customer satisfaction but has also raised data security risks. Staying compliant with the latest regulatory policies is our primary concern and we safeguard the confidential information that customers provide during a call. Also, we restrict the data access to authorized personnel only.

Start Growing While We Manage Your Patients On Call

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Other Healthcare BPO Solutions

Tailored Call Center Services to Mitigate Complex Customer Interaction Challenges

High FCR Rates

Complicated call resolutions lower the first contact resolution (FCR) rate which ultimately decreases patient satisfaction. We use updated knowledge and the latest tools and technology to enhance the FCR rate to an average of 76%.

Increased Operational Efficiency

You get professional and dedicated specialists that not only enhance your brand’s operational efficiency but also improve its transparency. It enables enhanced customer trust because of upfront communication and streamlined operations.

100% Compliance

Our in-house compliance policy provides detailed rules to secure data and strengthen privacy protection. We also sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with our clients to ensure the safety of sensitive personal information and record every call to stay compliant in case of disputes.

Latest tools and Software

We use the latest tools and software with state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver high-quality customer support. With integrated tools, the leads are verified in the initial stage of the calling which makes our workflow both time and money efficient.

Quality Monitoring

Thorough monitoring allows us to deliver top-notch call center services to healthcare practices. For effective call quality, we monitor call interactions and maintain the highest quality call support services.

Personalized Customer Support

Our dedicated and personalized customer support team offers smarter solutions and includes automated call scoring for quality assurance. Implementing tech-driven solutions in the workspace has increased our productivity while maintaining human-to-human interactions.

Affordable and Customer-centric Call Center Solutions

With Logic BPO you get to avail customer insights, trends, and analytics to build your customer-centric strategies at an affordable price. Our call center solutions are built for cost-conscious healthcare companies that want to turn their customer experience from good to great.

Delivering Personalized Experience with Our Healthcare Call Center Services

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Insurance Verfication

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Advantages of Outsourcing to Logic BPO

Your healthcare practice is dealing with myriad challenges every single day and we understand it can be a great headache and hurdle in your financial growth. With Logic BPO you get to outsource your inbound, outbound, and numerous other call center services while your staff focuses on your core functions.

This is How Our Call Center Services Operate

Talk to Our Experts

Once you contact us, together we come up with a customized call script that reflects your preferred verbiage, tone, and response used when speaking with callers.

Enjoy an Easy Set-Up

Once we have clear direction we build a successful support strategy along with designing tailored services to the specifications.

Calls Forwarded to the Relevant Rep

The IVR system provides recorded responses to frequently asked questions but forwards the call to the relevant agent or department when the patient selects their desired option from the menu.

Customer Service Rep Resolves the Issue

The customer service agent assesses the issue and gives a personalized response.

The Interaction is Recorded and Followed up

For security purposes, the call is recorded with the consent of the customer. It also helps in case of any future disputes and to process the next follow-up according to the customer's needs.

Round-the-clock Customer Support by the Relevant Experts

Experience agility and compliance with our best-in-class call center services across the US. Get in touch with highly trained and skilled professionals and build customer relations.

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