Over the years, Logic has managed online businesses successfully for numerous e-commerce partners across the globe. Your e-commerce business model will benefit from our strategic approach. We as an e-commerce bpo company assists you in identifying potential markets, marketing channels, and a tailored business model and value proposition.

Empower your E-Commerce Business

We provide ecommerce outsource services that include product information management, order processing, customer service, strategic consulting, design and branding, eCommerce operations, technical eCommerce development and maintenance, and end-to-end digital marketing.


Core Competencies

Being an expert ecommerce bpo services provider, we provide optimum performance with accuracy that improves business productivity.



We are saving up to 80% on operational and capital costs while improving the customer experience. Our results-oriented mindset leads to innovative solutions to problems.


We build cutting-edge technology to create unified, consistent processes. We improve the accuracy of our results through algorithms, analytics, and architecture.


We enhance productivity by increasing adaptability to accelerate growth in a fast-paced industry. Our ability to bring in needed experts from all over the world drives economies of scale.

Get the benefit of Partnering with Logic

We do everything to help your company succeed and grow.

Ecommerce bpo outsourcing focuses on core business operations and reduces business risks. We provide well trained outsourced staff and minimize the risk of poorly managed services.

Outsourcing eCommerce includes strategic consulting, technical e-commerce development and maintenance, eCommerce operations, customer support, analytics, and end-to-end digital marketing.
Our consulting process includes product and category evaluation, promotions and marketing strategy, and operational requirements. Our system design and architecture engagement includes planning for business-critical features and functionalities. We also assist you in determining resource planning, technology integration needs, and an ongoing digital marketing roadmap.

Why Choose Us?

Cost Effective Solution

Logic ecommerce bpo outsourcing services is a cost-efficient solution for rapid e-commerce business growth. We cover a wide range of tasks and services to optimize your online business at a fraction of the cost and let you focus on the core of your business.

Logic offers end-to-end tailored solutions across crucial business functions and industry verticals, ensuring task completion on time.

We have vast industry knowledge, resources, specialized workers, and strategies to ensure business continuity even during emergencies.

Logic scales up services in response to changing needs, ensuring project continuity, and completing projects on time.

Improve User Engagement & Experience

Our digital ecommerce outsourcing services consist of the necessary Omni channel approach to success – regardless of where customers choose to search and make purchases. Our multi-platform customer service solutions supplement any existing customer support by providing Call Center, Email, and Chat, all of which contribute to developing a strategy to increase engagement and experience.

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