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Dermatology Marketing– Solid Ideas and Powerful Strategy

As a dermatologist, treating skin, hair, and nails might be easy but building your dermatology marketing strategy is quite challenging.

Do you know why?

You see, the amount of competition in dermatology practice as of today is huge. Therefore, developing a marketing plan can take a huge toll on your nerves to stay ahead of the curve. 

At Logic BPO, we help you build a solid marketing strategy and attract more patients. We not only help you build a strong social media presence but introduce yourself as an authority in the dermatology industry.   

So reach out to our experts and improve your marketing today.

8 Strategies for Dermatology Marketing

Either outsource to Logic or build your strategy according to the tips and ideas discussed below  by some of our expert marketers.

1. Rank on Search Engines with Local SEO

Local SEO is essential for your dermatology marketing. Ranking on search engines using local SEO helps you increase your patient ratio as well as practice growth. 

However, local SEO is the gist of it all because when you rank on search engines the patients will become your customers only if they can find you locally in their area.

To rank your website with local SEO you need to; 

Optimize your website for local search for example, 

  • Search and use relevant keywords in your blog content
  • Manage your online reviews and testimonials
  • Implement local link building practices 

Manage your presence on local business listings. These listings might be present on social media, websites, blogs etc. You can search them online and collaborate with them to enlist you. 

Create your Google My Business Profile to enable all your potential customers to find contact information, direction, services, etc, about your practice. 

2. Build Your Email List and Newsletter Campaigns

An email list gives you an edge over your competitors in a  way that you can directly reach out to your potential customers in their inboxes. 

Now, to build your derma email list you need to follow a funnel to reach your target audience.

Build a persuasive email building funnel focusing on the demographics and awareness level of your potential patients from unaware to most aware 

Create a value-adding lead magnet to attract your audience to click and give you their email address. For example you can;

  • Create a cheatsheet about “What to Avoid Eating to Get a Glowing Skin”
  • Develop a guide on current skincare trends
  • Provide tips to revert aging
  • And more

The lead magnet must be enticing enough to attract your audience to click yet it must offer quality.  

Collect emails and segment them according to the type of subscribers to send them personalized emails in the future to maximize your chances of converting them. 

Create personalized email campaigns once you’ve divided the subscribers into segments based on the following criteria;

  • Demographics
  • Surveys and polls
  • Email engagement, open rate, and click-through rate
  • Position in the sales funnel

The goal is to send the right emails to the right subscribers at the right time for an improved conversion rate. 

Logic BPO offers email marketing to its clients and boosts patient acquisition through email sales funnel. 

3. Leverage Teledermatology for Your Potential Patients

Do you want to stay ahead of your competition?

If yes, telemedicine or teledermatology is your gateway to more patients. Telemedicine is the remote access of diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of technology.

According to the 2022 Mckinsey Report:
60% of patients found telemedicine more convenient than in-person health appointments.

Telemedicine can help you

  • Bring efficiency to the patient consultation process
  • Boost patient ratio
  • Lowers healthcare cost

4. Make Your Social Media Presence Count

Do you know, the average daily usage of social media is 2 hours and 23 minutes?

And 63% of the world’s population uses social media. 

As a dermatologist you have this great opportunity to optimize your social media profiles and increase your reach to potential customers.

Patients can find you online and will also be able to ask you questions about your practice through these channels. 

Optimize your socials by;

Posting consistently on social media and building yourself as an authority in the dermatology industry, for example;

  • Guides
  • Tips
  • To do’s and don’ts
  • Latest news and update in the industry

Actively engage with your audience to develop customer relation 

Prioritize your customer support and offer top-notch services because according to a report approx. 75% customers spend more with businesses that have great customer service

Offer discount codes, giveaways, referrals, etc

5. Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert

Once you establish yourself as an industry leader and dermatology expert your practice gets a competitive edge. 

Build your brand voice and establish a positive image by identifying your core values, mission, vision, what does your practice stand for, etc.

Collaborate with influencers to increase your dermatology practice awareness, reach a much wider audience, build authenticity, and increase sales. 

Post success stories to build your credibility and hence more conversions. 

According to Spiegel Research Center services and products with reviews have 270% higher rate of being purchased then the ones without reviews. 

Socialize with other industry experts and professionals to build your networking groups in the industry.

  • Fosters impactful impression over your audience as well industry
  • Builds trust with your potential clients

If you want to build a marketing strategy for your dermatology practice you’ve come to the right place because as marketing experts, we know the game.

6. Create Patient Referral program 

Referral programs give your existing customers a chance to avail discount offers against bringing in new patients to you. 

As a practitioner you can introduce a referral program to your dermatology patients that works as one of the active marketing strategies for your practice.

The referrals can look like buy one get one free vouchers.

Approx 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a service or product if their friends and family recommended it.

Your referrals become success only if you are providing quality services and care to your patients. Because that is the reason your patients will refer your service to any of their friends or family in the first place. 

For example; you can ask your patient at the end of the session to refer it to their friends and family if the services they availed exceeded their expectations. 

7. Run Paid Advertising on Google and Social Media

Paid advertising being one of the active marketing strategies involves pay-per-click. 

Approx. 75% of people click on ads to find out the authentic and relevant information about what they are looking for. 

These PPC ads are run on social media platforms as well as Google ads on specific keywords by targeting the right audience.

For example; the dermatology ad given below is designed to target a specific audience with a particular demographic such as; age, gender, location, nationality, etc.

When your audience clicks on this ad they go to a landing page that indirectly asks them to convert with a strong CTA. These ads appear on the top of the searches your potential customers made.

Search and choose search words to target potential customers and build your ad around these words.

Build a compelling landing page that helps your practice capture leads through a persuasive copy; featuring the benefits and scope of your services, and call-to-actions (CTAs) created around specific search words. 

Link your ad to this landing page for your customers to take the desired action. For example to buy your derma products, avail your skincare services, etc. 

As digital marketing experts, we know just what it takes to market your dermatology practice online and can help you build effective marketing campaigns. 

8. Do Traditional Dermatology Marketing

No matter how large the landscape of digital marketing, traditional marketing still plays a strong part in marketing your dermatology business locally. 

Here are a couple of traditional marketing ideas to grow your practice. For example;

Sponsor or appear on local events (Seminars, health awareness programs, etc) 

That can also be broadcasted live on your social media platforms. 

Hosting live events, workshops, Q&A sessions, etc that not only provide awareness to your audience but also help you grow your name in the local industry as well as the public.

Advertising on billboards and paper is another marketing strategy that has been in practice since forever and is still working. 

As a consistent and prominently visible marketing, advertising on billboards and paper reaches a large number of your target audience and faster. 


Let us know which marketing idea topped the list for your dermatology practice. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive more tips on dermatology marketing.

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