Contact Center Services

Innovative CCaaS solutions that boost productivity and customer success can help you create a unified Omni-channel experience for your contact center.

Contact Center to Help You Grow

We evaluate channel preferences and service expectations from your consumers' perspective as part of our customer-centred Process. Our Contact Center Outsourcing consultants work with your organization to identify significant opportunities for process consistency, channel alignment, operational improvements, and financial efficiency. They help leverage critical customer insights and decades of executive-level experience—increasing the lifetime value of customers to your organization.

What Makes Us Industry Leaders?

Our attention is focused on your key performance indicators and clearly defined service level agreements. We focus on transforming experiences at the personalized human level by integrating the proper technology and bringing your business workflow to life with care. Passionate people are focused on the why in each interaction.

Our Strategy

We've structured our entire Process and products to give everything a business needs. Working with Logic is always an easy, convenient, and hassle-free experience. Even after your firm has taken off, our friendly crew is available to help you reach new heights.

Our Philosophy

Our firm philosophy is to establish the type of team that most organizations want for their clients: one that is simple to deal with, honest and dedicated, and takes pleasure in their job. Extend your team by adding up our team members.

Our Company

A one-stop shop for all of your needs focuses on efficiency, creativity, speed, and results. As a result of adopting our services, our clients' businesses have benefited greatly. Our work ethics, performance, and results are all things we are proud of.

How We Work?

We recognize that each organization is unique, and we collaborate with you to identify distinct priorities and build new solutions that benefit our clients. Our contact center outsourcing services include but are not limited to inbound and outbound calling, sales/surveys chat, data input solutions, and virtual support.

We conduct Initial consultation to determine service requirements and comprehend the customer’s wants. In this meeting we discuss what we can offer, what are our resources and how they are beneficial for you. So it can be easy for you to select the best.

After an initial consultation, we analyze your demands and requirements. We share the report with you for cross-check. We offer multiple plans as options for client to choose the best among them. We customize our services plans according to your needs.

After analysis, we share our service price and agreement. Our service agreement is easy to understand with no hidden prices. The agreement will be signed after the mutual consultation. We can scale our service prices as per requirement of the customers.

After the agreement, we assign you a specialized and tailored to your needs customer service representative. Our bpo contact center staff members are trained to resolve the queries of the clients promptly without any delay.

We believe “A satisfied customer is a resilient marker of your company”. After our staff member resolves the query, he will follow up with your customer. The consistent follow up helps to build brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and retention.

Our consistent follow up with your customer will increase your brand loyalty. It not only retains old customers but can help you to build positive feedback. Satisfied customers lead to long term retention.

Why Choose Us?

Scale Your Business

We offer Budget-friendly, cost-effective, and flexible bpo customer services that can be scaled up or down. Acquire contact center solutions of LogicBPO that are flexible, therefore, makes them affordable for every business.

Decades of industry expertise have made us the best customer support outsourcing service providers. We have unique expertise in offering customer support services to satisfy your needs and demands.

Our customer relationship management (CRM) systems simplify tracking, organizing, and managing all contracts between the firm and the general public.

Regardless of the channel, Logic provides an omni-channel strategy. Speed up the Process to resolve consumers' requests, whether they need help with a technical problem or placing a new order.

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Our experienced experts can help you achieve this by assisting you with the back office outsourcing process. We are genuine industry experts who understand contact center outsourcing and have the resources to put top-notch, cost-effective agents to work for you immediately!