Chiropractic Medical Billing Services

Stop Chasing Unpaid Claims and Improve Chiropractic Collections by Up to 31%

Logic BPO’s medical billing services for chiropractors help them achieve peak billing efficiency. Our dedicated team of certified medical billers and coders are well versed in helping you reduce denials and expedite reimbursements for chiropractic offices.
  • Ensure 99% clean claim rate.
  • Reduce administrative overhead costs.
  • Get strategic insights and hands-on support.
  • Guarantee chiropractic billing compliance
Clean Claim Rate
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Denied Claims Processed
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Net Collection Rate
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Practice Revenue Boost
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Experience Chiropractic Billing Excellence

Chiropractic Billing Expertise

Our medical billing expertise for chiropractic practices is matchless! We leverage advanced electronic claim processing solutions to ensure your chiropractic claims are submitted flawlessly & reimbursements arrive faster.

Reduced Claim Denials

We go above and beyond by optimizing the end-to-end revenue cycle for chiropractic offices. LBS team focuses on increasing patient intake, expediting claims submission, and maximizing collections, ensuring fewer claim denials.

Increase Practice Revenue

We do routine audits for websites to hold the position of your cosmetic surgery website in top performing pages and directing more traffic to your site.

Let us proactively manage denials for your chiropractic services

LogicBPO’s denial management team fights for every dollar you deserve for your chiropractic treatments by identifying the root causes of denials, zero pays, and claim reversals. We don’t stop until the claim is closed out.

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Chiropractic Billing Services

We offer the most comprehensive medical billing solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your chiropractic offices, ensuring faster reimbursement.

Coverage Confirmation

We collaboratively work with chiropractors to confirm coverage privileges and verify chiropractic treatments are covered under their policies. You'll have minimum to no risk of unexpected claim denials for your chiropractic healthcare facility.

Compliant Claim Submission

After coding your chiropractic services accurately, we submit billing claims electronically directly to insurance companies through a secure & compliant system. Logic BPO’s electronic filing removes manual intervention, speeding up claim processing for you.

Patient Registration

Our chiropractic-specific medical billing team captures patient & insurance information to ensure accuracy throughout the chiropractic billing process. We help form clear communication channels between chiropractors, patients, and insurance companies.

Coding of Chiropractic Services

We appropriately assign Chiropractic CPT codes like 98940-98943 and relevant medical coding modifiers for chiropractic treatments & therapeutic activities to ensure error-free coding practices and boost revenue for your chiropractic offices.

Follow-Up and Collection

In case of claim denials or disputes, even with the diligent efforts of our chiropractic billing team, we swiftly start a follow-up procedure to see any discrepancies and rectify errors if any. And this proactive approach maximizes your chiropractic facility revenue.

We are a leading provider of chiropractic billing services in the US, dedicated to helping chiropractors like you achieve financial success in record time.

Streamline Your Billing Workflows

Our team of experienced chiropractic billing specialists implement the accurate documentation, coding, and billing procedures to help you streamline your billing workflows, save time, and improve overall efficiency in your chiro office.

Get 1st Class Reimbursements

We work tirelessly to identify and capture all billable services, ensuring you receive the full compensation you deserve.Our in-depth knowledge of chiropractic coding and billing guidelines help minimize claim denials and maximize 1st-class reimbursements.

Cut Down Medical Coding Errors

Medical billing is a complex process, and even small coding errors can lead to denials and lost revenue for your chiropractic office. Our team has a proven track record of 100% coding accuracy with advanced technology to minimize any errors in billing.

Increase Your Practice’s Cash Flow

We ensure the A/R days are less than 25 days, surpassing the industry standards, ensuring a reliable payment system between patients and payers. Expect faster reimbursements and improved cash flow for your practice with our billing solutions.

Get Personalized Support 24/7

We understand that every chiropractic practice is unique. That’s why we offer personalized support and expert guidance according to your practice needs. Our team is always available to answer your questions and address any billing concerns. 

Have Peace of Mind and Focus

By outsourcing your chiropractic billing to LogicBPO, you can gain peace of mind knowing that your billing is in the hands of experts. This frees you up to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional patient care and growing your practice.

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Logic's Specialized Billing Solutions

Streamline Your Practice Workflows in Record Time

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How can we help you:

Chiropractic Billing Challenges Solved

We understand the unique challenges chiropractors face and can help you overcome them, so you can focus on what matters most, your patient care.

Denied Claims

Denied claims eat away at your chiropractic clinic's revenue. Our team of experts in chiropractic coding and claim submissions can identify the root cause of denials, ensuring your claims are submitted accurately and completely from the start.

Time-Intensive Billing

Medical billing is a complex & time-consuming process for chiropractors. We help you get rid of the paperwork burden & administrative overheads. We help you with patient intake, claim submission, following up on denials, & ensuring timely reimbursements.

Always-Changing Regulations

US healthcare billing is constantly evolving, with new coding requirements and regulations emerging all the time. Our team of chiropractic coders stays up-to-date on the latest chiropractic billing guidelines, ensuring your practice remains compliant.

Slow Cash Flow Issues

Slow reimbursements can create cash flow problems for your practice. We process your chiropractic claims quickly and accurately, leading to faster reimbursements and improved cash flow, helping you focus on running your chiro practice smoothly.

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“Our chiropractic website now ranks on the first page of Google for local chiropractic keywords, and we’ve experienced a 300% increase in website traffic. And with Logic BPO’s chiropractic website revamping services, we’ve seen a 19% increase in new patient appointments scheduled through our website.”

David Kim

Texas-based chiropractor

“Logic BPO optimized our chiropractic website for conversions, and we’ve seen a 39% increase in the conversion rate of website visitors into leads. We highly recommend their chiropractor web design and development to anyone looking for “

Evelyn Wright

California-based chiropractor

“We’ve seen a 21% increase in online appointment bookings for chiropractic treatment and a 13% improvement in our average appointment value. We particularly loved the analytics and strategic recommendations set by Logic BPO, allowing us to continuously optimize our chiro website for even better performance.”

Anna Lee

Vegas-based chiropractor

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