Back Office Services

We focus on transforming experiences at the personalized human level by integrating the right technology and bringing your business workflow to life with caring; passionate people focused on the why in each interaction.


We know what it takes to help your business succeed globally as we are one of the leading back office outsourcing business partners of many international companies. Our team has a reputation for producing high-quality work and providing dedicated services. We understand and recognize our clients' concerns about rising labor costs. To help our clients, we connect them with highly-skilled, educated, and qualified professionals who can support and strengthen their local teams in whatever capacity they lack. We pay close attention to the processes of consultation and assessment, recruitment, implementation, growth, monitoring, and quality assurance. As a result, our clients can collaborate and communicate with our team seamlessly and efficiently.

What Makes Us Industry Leaders?

We bring your business workflows to life by integrating the right technology and transforming your experiences at the human level.  

Strategic Edge

Our technology enables continuous analytics, progress tracking, and the strategic development of innovative solutions to drive competitive advantage in interaction management. We use your consumer behavior data to create better, faster, and more rewarding interactions across all channels.

Purpose Driven

Our human touch and culture focus, combined with cutting-edge technology, increase customer satisfaction. We enable our custom teams to collaborate with automation, bringing a human element and empathy to customer communications and problem resolution.

Future-oriented Approach

Our ability to flex, expand, and adapt enables us to drive results in fast-paced markets while supporting high growth targets. We embrace full integration and processes to provide better, faster, and less expensive operations while keeping the quality of work at higher place.

How We Work?

We believe in Delivering beyond Expectations. We follow a simple six-step process to take you toward your destination.

The first and most important thing we do is assign you an onboarding manager. The onboarding manager assists you in building your customized team with meticulous attention to detail, including all processes such as recruiting, training, and launching.

Once the onboarding manager understands what you require, our hiring team will begin sourcing and interviewing candidates to build the best team for your company’s needs.

Once sourcing is complete, our training team will take you a step further to assist you in training the extended team members that we have selected for you.

Once the training setup is complete, we will hand over the selected team members to you. They will devote their full attention to you and your requirements. Not only will we assign members to the team, but we will also assign a manager to ensure that they are supervised to complete their tasks correctly. Then the process of measuring KPIs and goals begins.

Following production, we will assign you a customer success manager to ensure that your work continues to improve and flourish. In addition, the manager will assist you in managing your career and team.

Finally, once you start seeing improvements with back office outsourcing services and your business growing, it’s time to step it up a notch. Increase the size of your team and increase your output!

Back Office Services

Allow Logic to assist your business's growth by providing back office outsourcing services from a quality team who will be wholly committed and dedicated to assisting your company. Eventually, accelerate growth to help drive profits, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

Problem Solving From concept to execution

Business problem-solving has never been more accessible. Our business practices are geared toward relationship and credibility building based on shared values that foster a long-term win-win partnership with clients.

Through a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are the best in their fields, we eliminate the need for infrastructure investment and cut overhead costs, ensuring the best balance between cost savings and quality results.

Working with our team provides access to a large pool of highly skilled and educated individuals. Bringing in the expertise and diverse ideas of people from other countries gives your company a global competitive advantage. These employees can offer unique problem-solving techniques and perspectives.

Instead of managing multiple external vendors, we serve as your single point of contact for all project requirements, saving you significant time and energy.

The second benefit is that the owner has more time to develop their business, be creative, and put their ideas into action. After all, when a business owner is overburdened with paperwork, they do not have time to do what they genuinely enjoy.

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Our Back Office Support system enables dynamic integration regardless of your platforms, telephony, systems of record, or contact touch points. We consume and drive personalized interactions at each stage of your customer or consumer journey. Using the best technology stack, we bring the right people into the loop at the right time to transform your back-office workflow.